Common elements of the Alaska Hydrography Database

v2.5 – December 22th, 2016

Hydrography (surface water mapping) updates in Alaska are accomplished through a stewardship model known as the Alaska Hydrography Database or AK Hydro. AK Hydro has two goals: first, update the NHD in Alaska to national high-resolution standards and second, meet the surface water mapping needs of Alaskan agencies. AK Hydro streamlines the task of updating the NHD by centralizing NHD maintenance services within a single group for all of Alaska. In doing so, the numerous agencies participating in surface water mapping across the state no longer need to run the complex NHD GeoConflation or update tools. Instead, partners and editors provide updated hydrography data that meet statewide and national standards to AK Hydro. Data stewards at AK Hydro then use the NHD Update and GeoConflation tools to submit updates back to the NHD. This workflow ensures that the updates that are happening throughout the state make their way into the NHD in a timely and consistent manner, and allows for partners throughout the state to include important and necessary attributes with their mapped water data.

The purpose of this document is to describe the common data elements that are included in the statewide Alaska Hydrography Database (AK Hydro).



Overview of AK Hydro content
Hydro_AK_Albers Feature Dataset
Feature classes within the Hydro_AK_Albers Feature Dataset
AK Hydro Geodatabase Domain Values
Ancillary database content within AK Hydro



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